Career coaching

How can clear career choices be made based on an objective assessment of talents? Embracing your own 'success formula' and saying goodbye to what you are less able to realise is the way to pleasure and success in your career.

Career coaching

Working method career coaching

Every coaching program starts with an intake and ends with feedback to the client. We start with five coaching sessions and have found that a frequency of one session every two weeks is usually most effective. In career coaching, the following steps are generally taken.

  1. Intake: Together with the coachee and the stakeholders involved, we determine the objectives of the career coaching.
  2. Strength/weakness analysisConducting a strengths/weaknesses analysis using various techniques (including conducting a career assessment).
  3. Insight into personal 'success formulaIdentifying core qualities, potential and various other personal characteristics.
  4. Matching own talents to 'the outside worldThe (joint) translation of the above into the most appropriate roles, functions and organisations.
  5. Networking and applyingAdoption' and learning to express one's own core qualities. Learning to apply for a job in a non-school way. Preparing for multiple orientation interviews.
  6. Evaluate: Discuss the results of the coaching process with the coachee and stakeholders involved and make further agreements if necessary.

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