Meta-competence-based coaching

Sometimes the talents to effectively develop all competencies are not sufficiently present. In that case it is better to enter into smooth and effective coalitions with people who can 'bring' these competencies virtuoso. It's all about transparently showing what you can really do and easily gaining access to what others can do well. This requires a number of 'meta-competencies', such as self-insight and authenticity. H&G has developed a special programme called 'meta-competence coaching' to enable effective coaching in the area of meta-competence.

Meta-competence-based coaching

Working method

Every coaching program starts with an intake and ends with feedback to the client. We start with five coaching sessions and have found that a frequency of one session every two weeks is usually most effective. In meta-competence based coaching the following steps are taken.

  1. Intake: Together with the coachee and the stakeholders involved, we determine the learning goals and support the creation of the Individual Development Plan (IOP).
  2. Strengthen self-awareness: Generating extra insight into self-image, beliefs and behaviour patterns by applying various coaching techniques.
  3. Apply personal 'success formula': Learning to appreciate and effectively apply your own strong talent combinations in - for example - practical simulations.
  4. Matching others: Learning to effectively manage relatively lesser strengths by purposefully 'matching' them with the talents of others. Applying what you have learned in your own job (defining 'practice situations').
  5. Reflect: Reflecting on practical experiences and listing extra learning points and discussing how the coachee can "anchor" them in his own work situation.
  6. Evaluate: Discuss the results of the coaching process with the coachee and stakeholders involved and make further agreements if necessary.

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