"To operate successfully, we need talented people. How do we determine what qualities are particularly needed for that and to what extent candidates possess them or can develop them?"


Our assessments

Want to make better-informed HR decisions? Assessments that give you insight into motivations, qualities and development potential can help you do just that. Based on your question, we will draw up an appropriate assessment programme during an intake interview.

Selection assessment

Find the perfect match to the job profile.

Development assessment

Provides information about the development of a participant in his (future) job or within the organisation.

Potential assessment

Attention to your personal potential in relation to career and career issues.

Unique method: insight into meta-competencies

H&G has developed a method that systematically identifies differences between the results of a personality questionnaire, the participant's behavioural styles and his or her self-perception. These differences say something about the degree of self-insight and authenticity of a participant. We call these 'meta-competencies' because they transcend the 'ordinary' behavioural competencies, as it were. They are often relevant predictors of personal effectiveness in various job situations. See also the blog "How authentic are you?.

Online assessments

If an assessment at our location is not possible or not desirable, an online assessment offers a solution. Whether it is a selection procedure or a development project for one of your employees. In consultation with you, we create a tailor-made programme. Using current techniques, a full assessment can be carried out remotely, without compromising on quality.


Have you been invited for an assessment by H&G? By reading our tips and the answers to the most frequently asked questions you are optimally prepared for your assessment. If you wish, you can online take some practice tests.