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H&G Personnel and Organisation uses different kinds of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit this website for the first time. This website uses both functional and analytical cookies. Tracking cookies are also placed if permission is granted. The functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of this website and do not collect any privacy-sensitive data. The analytical cookies are used for compiling user statistics by Google Analytics (third-party) and do not infringe on your privacy because we have asked Google to store the collected data anonymously (we assume that Google will respect this request). The tracking cookies are placed by Google Maps if you explicitly give permission for this (and could be used for marketing purposes by Google).

Below you will find an overview of all cookies placed by this website, subdivided by category.


Necessary cookies help make a website more useful by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot work properly.

NameProviderPurposeExpiry dateType
cookie_consent_leveltalentverhelderd.nlStores the user's cookie status for the current domain1 yearHTTP cookie
CONSENTgoogle.comA cookie that Google places when the website owner agrees to the Google privacy statement20 yearsHTTP cookie
PHPSESSIDtalentverhelderd.nlA cookie that the website places to remember specific information about the user (no personal data)SessionHTTP cookie
_hjIncludedInSampletalentverhelderd.nlFunctional cookieSessionHTTP cookie
mp_1_blockedtalentverhelderd.nlFunctional cookieSessionHTTP cookie
mp_1_pageviewstalentverhelderd.nlFunctional cookie to keep track of number of page viewsSessionHTTP cookie
wordpress_test_cookietalentverhelderd.nlFunctional cookie to test the placement of cookiesSessionHTTP cookie


Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors use These cookies are always loaded, the data is anonymized so there is no impact on privacy.

NameProviderPurposeExpiry dateType
_gatalentverhelderd.nlRecords a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.2 yearsHTTP cookie
_wholetalentverhelderd.nlUsed by Google Analytics to slow down the requesting rateSessionHTTP cookie
_gidtalentverhelderd.nlRecords a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.SessionHTTP cookie


Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that affects the behavior and design of the website, such as your preferred language or region of residence.

NameProviderPurposeExpiry dateType
wp-settings-1talentverhelderd.nlSaves a number of website management environment preferences1 yearHTTP cookie
wp-settings-time-1talentverhelderd.nlSaves website interface preferences1 yearHTTP cookie


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors when they visit different websites. Their purpose is to display ads that are tailored to and relevant for the individual user. This makes these ads more valuable to publishers and third party advertisers.

NameProviderPurposeExpiry dateType
NIDgoogle.comRecords a unique ID that identifies the device of a returning user. The ID is used for targeted advertising.6 monthsHTTP cookie
HSIDgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.2 yearsHTTP cookie
APISIDgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.6 monthsHTTP cookie
1P_JARgoogle.comUnknown6 monthsHTTP cookie
SAPISIDgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.2 yearsHTTP cookie
SIDgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.2 yearsHTTP cookie
SIDCCgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.3 monthsHTTP cookie
SSIDgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID value.2 yearsHTTP cookie

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