About us

H&G clarifies talents and strengthens self-knowledge. We want to help people develop and contribute to (work) happiness. Through a personal and professional approach.

The 21st century demands professionals who collaborate authentically and are curious about the talents of others: the basis for agile and inspiring teams. 


The basis for H&G was laid by clinical psychologist Victor Hoorens from Maastricht. He was already doing psychological research in 1955 and was one of the pioneers in the south of the Netherlands. He focused on problems in human development and on personnel selection issues. Victor was active in his office Psychologisch Instituut Hoorens until 1991. Peter Gruijters, an occupational health and safety psychologist, started a partnership with Victor in 1988, after having worked 7 years for DSM in the psychological department. Peter modernized Psychologisch Instituut Hoorens and took care of the expansion. In 1991 the Institute was renamed 'H&G Personnel and Organisation'. A name that still reflects the good cooperation between Hoorens and Gruijters.

Expertise and reliability

H&G has been advising organizations since 1992 on how to optimally use the talents of employees and managers. This is based on a keen insight into people, reliable psychological tests and modern assessment methods. We maintain contacts with various universities to keep our expertise up-to-date. Because 'craftsmanship is mastery'.

Ally for organisations and employees

H&G supplies reliable consultants who are happy to be your ally in your quest for success. They can be deployed to resolve selection issues by means of assessments and psychological tests. But they can also be of service to you in the areas of competence development, coaching, career advice, career counselling and outplacement. The objective is always the optimal use of human capital. Now and in the future.


Our services are aimed at ensuring that everyone involved (including us!) can look back on our contributions with a good feeling and, if possible, a smile. H&G likes to opt for advisory styles that suit both client and organisation. This approach demands commitment, transparency and a constant 'rounding up of communication'. That's why H&G consultants like to visit clients to discuss reports. Also to ensure that they have a broad impact. So that questions in the areas of selection, induction and development of employees, for example, are answered and resolved. 

Who makes H&G?

Afina Deckers-Steinvoort

Occupational and Organizational Psychologist

Luc Bothmer

Occupational and Organizational Psychologist