Competence-based coaching

After an assessment by H&G, it is very clear where the development opportunities lie, based on our unique competence matrix. Competence-based coaching can be used to work quickly and effectively on strengthening essential competences when taking on or placing an employee.

competency-based coaching

The result after competence based coaching

After the coaching process:

  • the coachee has a clear picture of the critical job situations in which the required competencies are needed;
  • The coachee can state in concrete terms what specific behavior is required in critical job situations;
  • The coachee practiced intensively using practical simulations to recognize critical job situations and demonstrate relevant competent behavior.

Working method

Every coaching program starts with an intake and ends with feedback to the client. We start with five coaching sessions and have found that a frequency of one session every two weeks is usually most effective. In competence based coaching the following steps are taken.

  1. Intake: Together with the coachee and the stakeholders involved, we determine the learning goals and support the creation of the Individual Development Plan (IOP).
  2. Knowledge transferTransferring relevant knowledge and theory about the competencies to be developed to the coachee in a 1-on-1 situation.
  3. Practice simulations and action learning: Practice applying the knowledge gained in job-like practical simulations and direct feedback.
  4. Homework assignments: Discussing one or more 'homework assignments' in order to apply what has been learned in one's own function (defining 'practice situations').
  5. Reflect: Reflecting on practical experiences and listing extra learning points and discussing how the coachee can "anchor" them in his own work situation.
  6. Evaluate: Discuss the results of the coaching process with the coachee and stakeholders involved and make further agreements if necessary.

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