Preparing for the assessment

General tips

  • An assessment gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself even better.
  • Before you come to us for an assessment, think carefully about your career choices (made), your ambitions and your motivation.
  • Can you think of any examples from your work situation in which the behavioural competencies to be examined are demonstrated?
  • Above all, be yourself. This will provide you and us with the most reliable insights for your future career.
  • You do not necessarily have to prepare for an assessment at H&G. However, a good night's sleep will ensure that you can take part in the assessment day in a pleasant and relaxed manner.
  • Would you rather prepare yourself? We can imagine that an assessment involves some tension and you would like to know what to expect. On this page we try to inform you as well as possible.
  • It might also help if you read the experiences of a previous participant. What does such an assessment day look like and how did someone else experience it? Read it extensive interview with participant Annemie Weerts about her experiences at H&G. 

Components of the assessment

Personal account

You will receive login details for your personal account with your invitation. You can use this account to upload your CV, complete tests and questionnaires online at home and later download your assessment report. We kindly ask you to keep the login details safe.

The test assistant

When you arrive in the morning, you will be welcomed by our test assistant and hostess who will go through the program with you. She is your support and stay and you can always contact her for questions or assistance.

Capacity tests and questionnaires

Part of the assessment consists of filling in capacity tests and questionnaires. These are usually offered by computer. These instruments provide valuable information about your potential and qualities. Do you feel the need to practice capacity tests at home? This is possible via this link.

The interview

Show us who you are! That's what the assessment interview is all about.

  • What are your ambitions?
  • What motivates you?
  • What steps do you want to take in your career?
  • Can you give practical examples in which the required competences are expressed?

We would like to get to know you better.

Role play

This practical assignment is an important part of your assessment. Because it allows us to observe you systematically in critical job situations and to get extra impressions about your personality. You need not be afraid of role play. It may take some getting used to, but you will succeed. At H&G, you will be given relevant assessment assignments that feel 'natural'.

  • Try to empathize with the situation as best you can.
  • Listen carefully to your interlocutor.
  • Pay attention to signals from your opponent and try to anticipate them.
Closing feedback interview

At the end of your assessment programme, the team of advisors will review all the data we have collected from you during the day. We will then discuss the most important findings and implications for our advice in a feedback meeting. When you come for a selection assessment this feedback discussion will take place at the end of the assessment day. In case of a development assessment or a potential assessment this conversation usually takes place during a separate appointment.


The H&G advisor with 'final responsibility' will prepare a report following your assessment.

In it you will find information about, among other things:

  • your personality, intellectual capabilities and competencies;
  • motives, drives, level of work and thinking, team roles;
  • main points of interest;
  • the current 'state' of the required competencies in a unique competency matrix;
  • Advice on the 'match' between your personal qualities and what is required in the job;
  • feasible development paths.

The report will be added to your 'personal account' of H&G within five working days of the assessment / after the individual feedback session. Your report will be automatically shared with the client after you have released it.

Your rights

H&G Personnel and Organisation works according to the guidelines of the NIP. Therefore, prior to your assessment, we will inform you in writing of your rights regarding the report to be issued. This includes the right to:

    • after the investigation;
    • inspection of the report prior to its issue;
    • (possible) blocking of the report;
    • correction, addition or deletion of data;
    • copy of the report, after it has been issued;
    • a guided review of the raw test data.

We refer you to for more detailed information about your rights.

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